Mr Spudhead touched the crystal.

At first it felt cold, like ice. Then it felt hot, not like ice. Then it gave him an electric shock, very much not like ice. Mr Spudhead jumped back rubbing his stinging hand. When he looked at the crystal again, he saw it was glowing. He was a little frightened, and stepped back further.

Suddenly an alien appeared and spoke to Mr Spudhead in a strange, metallic voice:
"What kind of creature are you?" it asked
"I'm a potato being," replied Mr Spudhead nervously.
"Well I need to find out if you're worthy of knowing about my secret element," continued the alien. "If you can answer this question correctly, I'll give you some."
"Ok," said Mr Spudhead.

"The question you must answer is this...."

"If my crystal spaceship needs 2 billion atoms of Uneratisium to travel 0.0456 lightyears, how many hours are there in a day?"

Should he answer "10", "12", "24" or "48"?